Glaze Detail Unit Valet
Exterior Only - 6 Hour Maximum

The Glaze Detail is our most popular Detailing package. It is designed to improve the overall appearance and protection of your vehicle, leaving it with a deep glossy and slick finish.

  • Brake callipers & alloy wheel faces, backs and inners are cleaned with acid free wheel gel
  • Wheel arches & tyres are scrubbed and cleaned with
    citrus based degreaser
  • Door/boot shuts are thoroughly cleaned and rinsed
  • Soak car in snow foam and high pressure rise to remove
    surface grit
  • Safe wash using two buckets method & sheep skin wash mitt
  • Tar Remover to remove bonded contaminants
  • Iron X to remove any contaminants on the body work
  • Clay bared
  • Rise the vehicle
  • Blow dry & towel dry
  • The paintwork is then Glazed with a Dual Action Polisher
  • Wax, acrylic sealant is applied
  • Faces of wheels waxed
  • Autoglym Tyre Dressing Applied
  • Exhaust tips cleaned polished and protected
  • Extras
    INTERIOR – £30

The car receives our multi-stage wash process, including a full clay to remove all bonded contaminates such as tar and tree sap which will leave the paint smooth and contaminate free.

A Glaze polish is then applied by a ‘Dual Action’ polisher, whilst adding gloss and depth, leaving a perfect surface for the protection to be applied.

For the final stage, protection will be applied including. wax, acrylic sealant or ceramic coating. The type of protection will have been discussed with you prior to the detail, to ensure the product selected best suits you and the vehicle’s needs.

Starting from

Please note:
Maximum Glaze Detailing time – 6 hours

We would need to see the cars body work before commencing the work

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